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Karibu Port Health


Karibu Port Health

Port Health is a Division within the Directorate of Public Health that is mandated to prevent and guard against the introduction and/or spread of infectious diseases through our points of entry/exit.

This mandate is implemented at designated airportsmaritime ports and land border crossings.

Port Health Services are regulated by; International Health Regulation (IHR 2005), Public Health Act CAP 242, Food Drugs and Chemical Substances Act CAP 254 Laws of Kenya among other regulations.


Objectives of Port Health Services at POEs

1.      Coordination and implementation of IHR 2005 and other related statutes and guidelines at all Points of Entry (POEs).

2.      Integrated disease surveillance and response: traveler/truckers health screening against communicable diseases and conditions, quarantine and referral of suspect cases, travel vaccinations and risk communication.

3.      Provision of emergency medical services for travelers.

4.      Control of disease causing vectors and vermin by inspecting, disinsecting, disinfecting, decontaminating of baggage, cargo, containers, conveyances, goods and premises.

5.      Inspection and certification of exports/imports.

6.      Ensuring coordinated rapid response to any Public Health Event of International Concern (PHEIC).

7.      Ensuring that appropriate sanitation and hygiene is maintained at Points of Entry (POEs) including but not limited to waste management.

8.      Multisectoral collaboration: coordination and information sharing between port health services and other agencies

9.      Formulation of policies and guidelines on Port Health Services


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